The Case of the Missing Girls

The Case of the Missing Girls is a mystery you have to solve. Register and get a credit card at the ATM by Empire Apparel for before starting.

The reward is 50 bondage bay dollars if you can solve this case. You may do this once per day. If you click the reward multiple times to get more money than you should, we will know and we will ban you. Please keep this fun and interesting.

You can solve our mysteries by clicking on objects on the sim to get hints and clues from them. These may be people, they may not. Some say multiple things randomly, so click clue givers more than once until you find a missing girl. There are two levels to this SIM.

If you are sent to Dina, you must talk to her. Instructions to do so are written in front of her.

This mystery begins at the slave statue on the left outside the club if you are coming out of the club. Click it to start.