He entered the room where I waited to greet him. It was where I was to wait to greet him when he got home from work, naked, upon my knees and ready to serve him in any way he wished. I was his, I wore his collar. I had heard him enter quietly, the door closing shortly after his footfalls, cloth brushing the wooden frame. I had not dared to look or move, I did not want to be out of place. He had paused in the outer rooms longer than usual today, making me wait, I supposed, enjoying my anticipation. I kept still, head down, as he approached me.

“Hello, my slut”, he growled

“Hello my Master”, I chirped, smiling as he lifted my chin that I might see him. He tasted my lips gently at first, then began to consume them hungrily.

“I have an appetite tonight, slut”

“Would you like me to fetch your dinner?”, I asked as I removed his work pants, my fingers working quickly over the belt buckle, button, and zipper. He stepped out of them as I held them.

“Not for dinner…yet”, he paused. “I have something special in mind for us tonight, my sweet little whore.”

I trembled at his words, the soft hairs on my body rising instinctively as I trembled slightly with excitement. I could not hide my feelings from him, my desires, it was not permitted. My lip trembled as I whispered. “Yes, Master”. He chuckled, knowing my hunger for him, for pleasing him in the slightest way. It pleased him to see how his power over me developed. He bid me to rise and I obeyed. He led me to the bed, silently and lay me down lengthwise before securing my wrists and ankles with the rope he kept tucked neatly beneath the 4 corners of the bed. He did not blindfold me but instead stared down into my eyes, running his fingers over my body, grabbing at my nipples, twisting them sharply, and watching my reaction before exiting the room to shower. I was left there, excited by my positioning, by how vulnerably I had been left, how exposed I was and helplessly so. I moaned as my arm lifted, feeling the tension of the rope, I could not move well, I was bound by the limits of the rope that held me. I whimpered, hips rolling serpentine in an attempt to hide how wet I was becoming, my thighs struggling to close but of course it was impossible. I relaxed, looking up at the ceiling, my attempts were futile and I knew it. I was his. He would have me displayed for his view. Damn him who taught him his ties. Most bindings were easily slipped out of, I knew from experience. Small wrists and agile, flexible hand bones made it easy for me to slip out and back into bindings as I saw fit. One Dominant had supplied me with fingerless leather gloves, rings had run up their length to bind me properly, upon discovering my cleverness. But this man needed no such tricks. He bound me well, he always did, there was no way to slip the bonds by agility, flexibility or sheer intelligence. Pulling made them tighter, releasing any tension and giving them room to loosen was impossible as I was stretched to my full stature. No, there was no slipping his bonds. Damn whoever taught him and bless them too, for giving me no chance at escape. I blushed. I did not want to escape, I did not want a man I could outsmart or escape, these were just ways in which I might find out where my bounds were. I wanted to be outsmarted, outclassed, dominated truly…not just physically or sexually. Most men could dominate me physically, so much as I allowed it. Never underestimate a girls ability to know where to hit and how hard, if required. I had learned quickly that size and strength matter little if you haven’t the air or ability to move. Sexually dominating someone takes only knowing how and having the strength and wherewithal or willingness to do so. It was enjoyable, but not near enough for me. I wanted to be Mastered, I wanted someone who could Master my mind, who could make me want it and make me his. I wanted Domination, I always had and I had fought back unabashedly in every way because I wanted it to be real, not some fantasy that I permitted until I grew bored. No, I wanted the real thing.

My thighs ached for his touch as my mind wandered. The closest any Dominant had come was a well experienced Dom from the local community, a dungeon master of the local scene. He had subdued me to some degree and I was under consideration for a short period. We were both professional Doms at the time, which adds certain caveats to the situation as outside of our sessions during consideration, I was a Dom. I had agreed to take part in a public demonstration with him for a local event under an agreement that canes would not used on me, it was a hard limit. He had used a cane on me on stage, sharp swift strikes against my ass, which I did not appreciate and so, knowing that he was distracted by the crowd enough to ignore my limits, I knew he would not notice my boot rising over my ass to take the strikes as they fell continuously as he smiled and talking. So boastful, so proud was he, of his ability to disregard my limits and brag about it publicly. Of course, the crowd noticed both my boot and the smile and wink I gave from the table I was bound to. They chuckled for awhile before he realized what had happened. I was punished but my point had been made. Fuck with me, I’ll fuck with you. His last strike was when he called me up terribly upset that I had not introduced him to a friend who came in town to visit me. I had reminded him he wasn’t my fucking boyfriend or husband and was aware I’d be busy that week. He had whined and that was the last straw, act like a boy and I’ll treat you like one, I’d hung up. He had called me back to tell me he was going to train my ex-boyfriend as a Dom for me, my reply was “Like fuck, you are. Train him all you want, he ain’t touchin me.” I had cut him loose. Who the hell did he think he was anyways? I was not his and now, I’d not be. Some called me a bitch, a slut, I’d been called worse and uch names only made me wet anyway. I would not settle.

He entered the room, startling me from my thoughts, naked, clean. God, I could smell him, trace his thighs with my eyes longingly and see those firm sweet balls clearly as he moved to my side. Fuck, I loved his balls,  I loved every part of him. His cock hung half hard, my mouth wanted to wrap about it hungrily but I could not move. I whimpered as he toyed with me, teasing me, his hands working their way to my chin. His fingers framed my face as I looked up to him. “Master”, I moaned. He smiled, “Yes, I am”. I whimpered piteously as he held his thickness before my mouth, stroking it firmly, so close to my mouth. “You want this, don’t you, my little slut?”, he smiled, “Dirty, dirty little whore”. I moaned, my hips rising. How easily he made me hunger, how easy I was to manipulate, like mere putty before him, to be shaped as he saw fit. He smiled, placing his cock at the opening of my lips, “Suck it”, he commanded and without hesitation, I did. I devoured as much of that cock as I could, my lips stretching wide around it’s girth as it grew within me, whimpering as he began to thrust deeper into my mouth and throat. I gagged, he pulled back, looking into my tearful eyes as he allowed me to catch my breath before once again filling my mouth and throat. “You’ll learn to take all of it”, he growled, fucking my face, delighting in the sensation as I writhed beneath him in need openly. He reached down, his fingers sliding over my swollen clit, my bud throbbing at his touch, down into my waiting hole. “That’s my wet little fuck hole”, he growled, plunging two fingers into my depth. I cried out into his cock as he chuckled. I bucked helplessly as his fingers withdrew. “Needy little slut”, he smiled to me, I have a present for you. He pulled his cock free of me, leaving it full and hard before my face. “Say thank you, Master”, I looked up to him, desperate for more. “Thank you, Master”, I repeated. He smiled kindly, “I know you have a problem sharing but you do love to watch, don’t you, my little slut?”, my cheeks burned brightly with a mixture of shame and excitement. “Yes, Master”, I breathed. He walked from the room and returned seconds later with a girl, naked, gagged. He had hidden her in the outer rooms after entering. She was pretty, her hands were bound behind her back. He removed her gag. I blushed fiercely, naked and spread for her view. She looked down, blushing hotly. “I’m going to fuck her in front of you, my hot little bitch.”, he growled, fully erect, looking down at me. “I’m going to fuck her, enjoy her fully as I would your hot little fuck holes and you are going to watch and cum for me. Do you understand?” I nodded, barely able to catch my breath, excited and horrified, my wrists moving instinctively in the ropes to no avail. He lent over, kissing me, probing my mouth with his tongue as I melted, relaxing into him. He looked into my eyes, moving back, “Yes, Master”, I whispered. He led the girl between my legs, her face over my mound where I could clearly see her, spreading her legs as held her wrists firmly with one hand behind her back, positioning himself behind her. I was breathless. My mind whirred helplessly. He stared directly into my eyes as he entered her, thrusting deep within her, he moaned commenting on how tight she was as I whimpered helplessly, hot, in need, unbelieving. Fuck, I was wet, I wanted this, I did not want this. What the fuck was I feeling?

I gasped, watching him begin to pleasure himself, her face and cries betraying her enjoyment of his thick shaft as he filled every inch of her, taking her. My thighs grew slick as I whimpered piteously. He began spanking her ass as he fucked her, directing her to take more, demanding of her, looking to me after working himself fully into her depths, she submitting to his will. I wanted to cry out with need, I squirmed with need, watching. He smiled to me, growling, “Are you hot, my slut? My little whore needs attention doesn’t she?”. He chuckled, directing the girls head down to my wet waiting cunt as he drove into her in beastly lust, “Fuck her, slut, fuck her with your tongue and you’d better fucking make her cum for me.” I nearly screamed with pleasure, bucking helplessly, writhing lost in pleasure as he drove himself deeper and deeper within her, her muffled cries of pleasure rising from between my legs as I gave into wanton lust, exploding with a fury I had never imagined possible, my body thrown into wave after wave of immense pleasure. I heard him growl faintly, releasing himself within her, I was barely there. I was lost, floating carelessly, lost in sensation. The stroke of his fingers on my breasts brought me back as he untied me. The other girl was gone. I did not know how long I had been there. He held me close, kissing me. “Good girl”, he said quietly, stroking me lovingly, pullling me to him as he took his place in the bed beside me. I whimpered softly. I was his.


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