The club is about music, right?

We get this question a lot, at least I have, so I’ll take a moment to explain to you what I feel this club is about.

First and foremost, it is a BDSM club where everyone is welcome. That does include vanilla people and all forms of people or avatars who are not too huge to be compatible with the club. The only people we exclude is child avatars.

This means that you will probably see nudity, definitely will see a lot of fetish related gear, may see people following their own protocols with each other and may even be witness to BDSM activities, play, and sex. Why? Because it is part of a BDSM community on an adult SIM where such things are allowed and should be expected. Imagine going to a BDSM party or monthly event in RL and you’ve got what our club is like. We have an entire SIM to explore, including a beach.

We love music, I love music, we all love music and so we have live DJs, but that is not all that this club is about. The music is great and it is part of our entertainment, we enjoy it but it’s certainly not limited just to DJs. We enjoy live performers of all sorts. We enjoy themed parties. We enjoy contests. We enjoy eye candy.

Oh yes, we love our eye candy, be it each other or dancers, strippers…beautiful and handsome eye candy. Oh so very tempting and it helps set the ambience and mood. But dancers are more than that, aren’t they? They are very enjoyable, can provide excellent banter and conversation or more. They can bring us a smile after a hard day. They are most certainly a major part of entertainment in a BDSM club.

So, what is the club about? It’s about you. It’s about the people that make it a club, it’s about all of us, I can guarantee you that all of the coolest mesh in the world does not make a club, just a space. It’s you, the people, the entertainers, the guests, the staff…it is a community of like minded. I suppose that is the best answer that I can give you. Places are what you make them and in my opinion, the people here make it a place you will fall in love with very easily.