OMG, They are watching me!

In SL, in the BDSM and related communities, as a submissive or slave, you get watched a lot and I’m not talking about the good sort of watching, I mean that judgy watching. You know exactly what I’m talking about. Where some avatar you’ve never seen before stands there, watching you, or kneels there just watching and listening. There you are, minding your own business, doing whatever you are in the middle of doing and suddenly, they are watching you.

Now, sometimes, they are just standing there or just trying to get an idea of the place but sometimes and quite often, they are seeing if you are “good enough”. Are you good enough? Are you in their opinion, real. Do you do things how they expect it done, etc. We are not talking about Dominants sizing up a submissive but people sizing up a place based on the staff or owners. So, let me tell you what to expect.

We are all friends and family for the most part and when you do this, we kinda feel you are being creepy for the most part. We’re going to go on being us, we’re not going to put on a show just because someone arrived. We’re not going to follow certain protocol at any given time just because guests arrive, we follow protocol when our owners wish us to and how they wish us to regardless of what anyone thinks. Why? Because we are real. We have at least three M/s couples who are together in RL and serve in RL as well. Us three slaves/subs run when our owners speak in RL so although we try to be polite, we may suddenly afk. Why? They come first, that is why.

We make mistakes, we get in trouble and we get chastised. Why? Because we are real, we are not pretending, we can’t hit an off switch or suddenly “have to afk” when things occur so that we can look perfect to everyone. We are living it and sometimes we are awesome and sometimes, we flop around like fish out of water and get reprimanded. Shit happens. You may not see us get reprimanded or you might. It all depends on whether our owners respond in sl or in RL. Mine is less than a foot away when I’m on sl, he keeps a crop beside him. So, what you see isn’t the whole story all the time because we are not trying to put on a show. I’m not exactly going to brag about the fact that I just messed up and got cropped, now am I?

Judging others in SL on the basis of what you can see and hear within SL doesn’t work with lifestylers, because that is not the whole picture. So, knowing that, we know that we have no real defense to your perception of us based on half of the picture of what is occurring and therefore, we just don’t worry about it. I’m a lot more concerned about whether or not that crop is coming out than I am on what that guy, looking creepy, standing quietly watching is thinking. It’s not that we mean to be rude or say you don’t matter, it’s just that your opinion cannot be totally informed and there is nothing we can do other than put a live webcam on us to change that…and that’s so not going to happen because frankly, Master doesn’t want it to and what he says goes. Plus, that’s a bit creepy. :/