What is a tribute?

We see it on profiles, we see it on the internet, but do we really understand what a tribute is?

A tribute is not payment, it is a gift that is given freely. It is an acknowledgement of submission, a showing of gratitude and respect. When we see the word used in SL, it is often on the profile of someone calling themselves a FinDom. FinDom stands for financial domination, however, FinDom is not sexual. It does not mean that these Doms do not ever have sex however they never have sex for money, nor do they collect money in exchange for photos or services. That has another name. A FinDom dominates financially. When you buy a photo, you are not making or giving tribute, you are purchasing something. If you expect to be dominated or have your fantasies fulfilled beyond simply tributing, you are once again not tributing. The mere expectation of receiving something in return makes it not a tribute.

FinDoms do not resort to blackmail and other such activities. They recieve tribute from submissives. FinSubs are submissives who enjoy paying tribute and gain great satisfaction from doing so. Not all FinSubs are collared or owned and some pay tribute to multiple FinDoms. Some never go further than paying tribute, which is not truly financial submission. Of course, there is nothing at all wrong with just paying tribute for the pleasure of it. Receiving tribute is also not financial domination, however it is enjoyable for both parties. It is financial fetish. Fetish is very enjoyable. Financial domination is controlling the finances of the financial submissive, which means having the care and respect to ensure that they are always taken care of and always have enough money for basic needs. Financial submissives who are controlled in this manner often sacrifice things above basic financial needs in order to tribute larger amounts to their Dominant. Often, there is no sex at all involved, the intimacy is based on finances, knowing each other, control and domination/submission.

Financial fetish can be practiced with any person deemed worthy of being tributed, it does not have to involve collaring and for some submissives, does not even require any form of intimate knowledge at all, they may prefer to know only that they are serving that person and improving their life through their service.

Tributes are not small amounts. Tributes are always large sums, small sums obviously do not carry any weight when it comes to affecting a submissive’s life in any way. If it is not an amount that is a sacrifice (beyond no designer coffee today), it is hardly a tribute. A tribute speaks of the value or worth of the person it is given to. It should be in an amount that speaks to that meaning. Fetish or otherwise, financial domination as a whole has been misconstrued quite a bit over the internet and throughout SL. Financial submissives are few and far between with most believing they are purchasing something in return. I hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit about this side of D/s.

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