The Disgruntled Former Employee

It’s something everyone has to deal with in business if you are running anything, especially if you are running a club within Second Life. You hire someone, you make the rules clear, they ignore or break them and you are forced to let them go. You hopefully do so as politely and professionally as possible and sometimes, it ends there. Unfortunately, sometimes, it doesn’t.

So, now you have a disgruntled former employee and I’ve seen many reactions to being let go, many are extremely childish. I’ve raised two children, I have seen temper tantrums, I know what they look like. I’ve had former employees blame my Master for their being let go while he was at work and unaware of what occured. I’ve had them insult our management privately and publicly. Right now, we have an especially childish one showing up on alts calling us old, like somehow calling us old hurts our feelings. -shrugs- Of course, this just makes us absolutely sure that we made the right choice by letting them go and that we should never consider hiring them back as they are obviously too reactionary and childish to be working with the public in any professional situation where they are representing a business. Really, they just make me shake my head and continue on, I don’t sit about worrying about whatever they do or say because frankly, they invalidated their opinions in front of me.

A mistake that many make is assuming that because your boss is a slave or submissive, that they are submissive in any way to them or to anyone other than their owner. When they see that this is not the case, they often misconstrue the meaning and assume the person must be a switch or a Dominant. Of course, that is not the case at all, that is not how this works. If I behaved like a slave outside of the home with every person I met, do you know how long I would survive or how effective I would be in business? Common sense, people. Most submissives are extremely intelligent and powerful business people. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Who else would seek to gain pleasure from giving up control, relinquishing it? Often, the submissives and slaves hold power outside of their D/s relationships. Not always, we are not all the same nor are we a homogeneous group. But, very very often, this is the case. We are generally rather capable as people.

In our case, when my Master is not present, I hold full authority over everything. It is my job and his expectation that I will watch over his interests and take care of business. Even when he is present, I hold full authority over the staff, hirings, firings and anything else related to staffing. He can of course veto me at any point because he is my Master and we are in a TPE relationship but he rarely does so because he knows that I am usually more aware of what is going on and the details involved since I handle the staff and interact with them regularly. We have complete trust in each other, as it should be. Who would look after his interests more than I, his slave? Of course, it is also my job to look after the staff, ensure they have what they need and are happy working here, which I do to the best of my ability, always trying to keep communication open and always keeping an open mind to suggested ideas.

To the staff and guests, I am many things, including a friend and party fiend, but above all, I am the manager and I am watching out for my Master’s interests. So, with them, I am in a dominant role but not of a BDSM nature, of a business nature and we all know that. Of course, most of our staff is so amazing that they never put me in a position where that matters at all and we are able to just be family and friends, at least those who last, of which we have a good number. They are loyal to us and we are loyal in return.

The point is that you cannot expect your boss to be submissive in nature to you just because they are submissive, nor can you expect them to be as childish or reactionary as you, just because you are upset over being let go in a virtual world. The truth is, non-dominant men are rather much like play things to me when they get in my face, like mice to bat about and then eat. I have no issue with submissive men until they try to puff out their chests at me, then I just see something I can tear down and put in its place below me. I’m a predator, like a Tyrannosaurus Rex, stay very still.

I am a slave, I am submissive, but not necessarily to you because I am also a strong, smart, educated woman who can and will stand over you if necessary to serve my Master’s interests and the thing is, I’m fully aware that I cannot change the perceptions of others about me or anything really. So, why would I fret about it? You know what assuming does.

The best way to deal with a disgruntled former employee is to ignore them, to refuse to give them the attention they so desperately desire. Mute, Ban…move on. But, maybe…bat them around just a bit first..for fun. grins. I hope you enjoyed this information on effectively managing and interacting with former employees & staff in a virtual club in a BDSM atmosphere.