Sunday’s events

Sunday     🎧  October 6th  🎧 


               Radio Plays Erotic Readings 8-9 AM SLT
               Radio plays Rock 11-3 PM SLT

          Sploder in the club!
              DJ Masters  4-6 pm slt    

             Random prizes
                            DJ Masters is the owner of the Collarsseum Club and John0than’s Studio & Galleria. His favorite saying is “Say what you mean and do what you say”. 

Wear what you like and join the music maestro, DJ Masters, from 2-4 PM for a party full of pop, rock, and hip hop. Random prize giveaways will take place throughout the party.

              DJ Koi        7-9 pm slt

              DJ Koi spins music live and plays a great mix of music. Join him for his debut show at the club.
             Radio plays Romance only   11 pm – 5 am slt

Current Raffle: Paragon Animation Dance Pack