So, What is this place about?

The club is a club, so that is obvious. The most common question we get asked, so, what is this place about, outside of the club?

Looks at all the sex furniture, looks back to the person asking the question, looks to the dance poles with tip jars, looks back to the person asking…..

Well, uhhhhh…I don’t know how to tell you this, but it is a bdsm and sex SIM for strippers, stripping, sex, domination, submission…..flesh for fantasy, pleasure….uhh….sex. Ahem. I mean, I suppose you could hang from things and do flips or read a nice book but that’s not really the intent here. The intent is sort of obvious. Beyond music and club, it’s about BDSM & sex & BDSM sex. I really don’t know how to make it less confusing for our guests. It’s a good place to have sex, shop and go to a club and then have more sex.

Paint the bitch if you are worried about pregnancy, oh wait, that is my outside voice. Ahem, errr… is for intercourse between those with alternative lifestyles and deviants. >> Innocent smile It’s a living art….ahem, of sorts. I never know what to say without sounding somewhat condescending in these situations. I mean….what do you think it is about? Facepalms. I do not think I can explain it if it needs explained. You put your thing in their thing, consensually and it feels good or at least, looks good. Good lord, help me.

Wanders off, pointing at the furniture…try it and figure it out.