How To Find All Of Our Listed Events In World From Anywhere

So, you are not on SIM and cannot look at our event boards, you don’t want to use the web urls to look on the internet….how else can you find out when our events are?

If you use Firestorm viewer, go to World then events. Make sure you log in or you’ll see this:

Choose nightlife/entertainment from the pulldown all categories menu. As you can see below, by scrolling through the listing using the arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen, our events on this particular day start at 12.

Left click the event you want to see more about. It’ll be featured in the top right where you can click on it and find out more plus get a direct teleport to it.

Another option is content then search. Choose the events tab and type in collarsseum. It will list only our upcoming events. Left click an event and you can read about it plus get a direct teleport.