Sunday’s Events

Sunday 🎧 October 20th 🎧

       DJ Naughty Kitty Josie 2-4 PM slt

                   DJ Naughty Kitty Josie and her host Fire are going to light you up. Josie is bringing those hot tunes and her own blend of classic rock, rock, 80's and 90's to rock you just right. Bring your requests because they are taking over your Friday and helping you start your weekend right.

♪♫The Music Maestro ~ DJ Masters♪♫
What ♪♫Tunes♪♫ “Formal Masquerade Ball” Contest
When ♪♫ 4-6 pm slt
Where ♪♫ The Collarsseum Club
$Lindens on the board.
$1000L, 500L & 250L Gift cards to top 3.
Sponsored by Smooching Serpents