Saturday, 11/9/2019

Saturday 🎧 November 9th 🎧

              Greedy Game

              DJ Lisa 12-2 PM slt

             Come Rock out With Dj Lisa at The Collarsseum Club. Dj Lisa brings music from the 70s to 2000s, some rock and oldies but enough to rock your world.

♪♫The Music Maestro ~ DJ Masters♪♫
What ♪♫The Best Tunes♪♫ “Mystery Men Hero” Contest (Superheroes)
When ♪♫ 2-4 pm slt
Where ♪♫ The Collarsseum Club – Pool side
Lindens to start the board plus gift cards.
Sponsored by Wytchwood After Dark

DJ Masters plays R&B, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Country, Romantic and mixed genre depending on the day and his current mood.

             DJ Elle 4-6 pm slt     Host: Arlea

DJ Elle plays a mix of music that goes from the slow easy going jams to fast tempo, fun an up beat. It will leave you wanting more and coming back to her like an addiction. She is a lot of fun, loves taking your requests and loves interacting with our guests and staff. She remembers your favourite songs if you are a regular or favourite bands and will often play them if you are present during her shows.
♥Đℐ❯ The Princess – Dj Elle
♥ᴡнєɳ❯ 4-6pm slt
♥Ѡнᴇʀᴇ❯ The Collarsseum
♥тυηєѕ❯ Various

             DJ Talya 6-8 pm slt    

DJ Talya generally plays Feel Good Real Good music. She plays all genres of music from Dubstep to industrial, from Blues to Metal Top 40 to Jazz and loves taking requests.
✶ᴡнєɳ٭ 6-8PM SLT

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