The Collarsseum Elite Group 1st Letter.

The Collarsseum Elite Group is a group created for the true and serious BDSM life stylers.
This is a pay to join group. The reason for this is we want only the BDSM life stylers that are serious and true to the life style.
What ever your fetish or kink might be.
Relax with like minded friends. Indulge in your pleasures and get your kink on.

Elite members have access to areas no others may enter. Via private tp portals. Such as the Smooching Serpents Morphing rooms. The Secret Garden performance area and more.
Special gifts provided by The House in the Sun, Empire Apparel Inc., and sponsors of Bondage Bay & The Collarsseum Club.

In the plans and coming soon:
More private areas will become available to the Elite members.
As membership builds in time, we will host discussions, hold special events, (munches, live performers) for example.

A lot of great things to enjoy and to come.
Get your Elite membership today. As the membership grows, so will the join fee.