Right now at the club

12:38 PM

DJ Beth

DJ Beth is on air with her host, Wyn. Find out more about these two under meet the staff in the main links. The music is great and Cat is dancing.

Conversation posted with permission of all: (Yes, they are really just this fun)

[12:36] Aeowyn Bandalora: Hi there Lady Luana!!
[12:36] Snєak Tєpєs (sneakpastu): lol
[12:36] Ms CAT Frost (pussycat.riggles): wb Boss Lady
[12:36] SHX-CSR-F4s: Thanks for voting!
[12:36] Stryder StormDragon (stryderxx): yeah i would..but i going to take a few minutes and draw up plans for a nursery…brb
[12:36] Snєak Tєpєs (sneakpastu): LOL
[12:37] Beth West: hey there Boss Lady
[12:37] Lady Luana Dream Masters (lady.stromfield): ty
[12:37] Snєak Tєpєs (sneakpastu): gives the Boss Lady a soft purr
[12:37] Aeowyn Bandalora: oh I can only imagine. It will be unforgettable. It will live forever in your mammary
[12:38] SHX-CTS-SERVER : Keep this club open by showing your support with some L$!
[12:38] Lady Luana Dream Masters (lady.stromfield): aww, hugs her girls
[12:38] Stryder StormDragon (stryderxx): hmmm…wonder if it be a bit much just to redesign the whole damn house…
[12:38] Ms CAT Frost (pussycat.riggles): in rl or sl
[12:38] Aeowyn Bandalora: Redesigning the whole house would be for the breast
[12:38] Stryder StormDragon (stryderxx): SL
[12:39] ℜσşϊє ℜιvєяş (rosie.wylie) is offline.
[12:39] Snєak Tєpєs (sneakpastu): Depends on what you have in mind.
[12:39] Stryder StormDragon (stryderxx): sneak and i are engaged and have to make room for the kids
[12:39] Ms CAT Frost (pussycat.riggles): if in doubt, buy a new house lol
[12:39] Niki Cole Killin (nicolabcole) is online.
[12:39] Snєak Tєpєs (sneakpastu): House shopping is always fun
[12:39] Ms CAT Frost (pussycat.riggles): congrats to you both
[12:39] Stryder StormDragon (stryderxx): true and ty
[12:39] Aeowyn Bandalora: definitely!
[12:39] Snєak Tєpєs (sneakpastu): thankies
[12:40] Ms CAT Frost (pussycat.riggles): so is that sl or rl
[12:40] Beth West: i know a few places sell cages would be ideal for kids
[12:40] Aeowyn Bandalora shouts: TUNE!!!!
[12:40] Stryder StormDragon (stryderxx): made her cry when i gave her the ring 😛
[12:40] Snєak Tєpєs (sneakpastu): lol
[12:40] Ms CAT Frost (pussycat.riggles): why was it plastic
[12:40] Aeowyn Bandalora: until theyre old enough to figure out how to put YOU in them
[12:40] Stryder StormDragon (stryderxx): love you too cat…
[12:40] Beth West: awww was the diamond that small?
[12:40] Ms CAT Frost (pussycat.riggles): hahahahaha
[12:40] Ms CAT Frost (pussycat.riggles): lmfao
[12:40] Snєak Tєpєs (sneakpastu): Yeah….I am used to being bopped over the head and being told I’m wifey now
[12:40] Aeowyn Bandalora: Size doesn’t matter.
[12:41] Stryder StormDragon (stryderxx): looks down..look..i can explain that….the water was cold…
[12:41] Aeowyn Bandalora: LOL!!!
[12:41] Ms CAT Frost (pussycat.riggles): lmfao
[12:41] Snєak Tєpєs (sneakpastu): lol
[12:41] Aeowyn Bandalora: Shrinkage
[12:41] Beth West: i thought she was standing far away, but tthe i realised it was just small
[12:41] Stryder StormDragon (stryderxx): and now……
[12:41] Stryder StormDragon (stryderxx): turtle porn!
[12:41] Aeowyn Bandalora: OMG!!
[12:41] Snєak Tєpєs (sneakpastu): no….
[12:41] Stryder StormDragon (stryderxx): ≧△≦
[12:41] Snєak Tєpєs (sneakpastu): turtle porn
[12:41] Ms CAT Frost (pussycat.riggles): hands Sneak a magnifying glass and a feather
[12:41] Aeowyn Bandalora: funny hold the cold causes something to retreat and others to … protrude
[12:41] Lady Luana Dream Masters (lady.stromfield): Anyone mind if I use some of this local chat on a site post for this set?
[12:42] Snєak Tєpєs (sneakpastu): I know
[12:42] Beth West: lol
[12:42] Stryder StormDragon (stryderxx): smh…least its not a shock collar…getting tired of cleaning up the bathroom when i have to go take a piss and she hits the button…
[12:42] Snєak Tєpєs (sneakpastu): Go for it….
[12:42] SHX-CTS-SERVER : To dance, touch the danceballs overhead.
[12:42] Beth West: weird things discussed at a Beth set
[12:42] Aeowyn Bandalora: I’ll have my lawyer contact you on a licensing fee
[12:42] Lady Luana Dream Masters (lady.stromfield): lol
[12:42] Lady Luana Dream Masters (lady.stromfield): not gonna happen
[12:42] Aeowyn Bandalora: :)P
[12:42] Lady Luana Dream Masters (lady.stromfield): haha
[12:42] Lady Luana Dream Masters (lady.stromfield): No “NO”, anyone?
[12:43] Lady Luana Dream Masters (lady.stromfield): Last shot
[12:43] Stryder StormDragon (stryderxx): hows this for a advertisment luana?
[12:43] Ms CAT Frost (pussycat.riggles): who we shooting
[12:43] Aeowyn Bandalora: nope. I mean its ok by me!
[12:43] Snєak Tєpєs (sneakpastu): I’m not big on shock collars.
[12:43] Lady Luana Dream Masters (lady.stromfield): lol
[12:43] Aeowyn Bandalora: I get a charge out of shock collars
[12:43] Beth West: wyns lawyers at shagem, bangem, and bleedem
[12:43] Ms CAT Frost (pussycat.riggles): wait shooting and shocking
[12:43] Aeowyn Bandalora: theyre the current thing
[12:43] Snєak Tєpєs (sneakpastu): grins
[12:43] Aeowyn Bandalora: don’t get a lot of resistance when someone wears one
[12:43] Stryder StormDragon (stryderxx): and now her lawyer is doing family law@
[12:44] Snєak Tєpєs (sneakpastu): O.o