Reviews of Our Special Event on Feb. 8th

We’ll update this page as reviews come in from people who were present.

I’m young in terms to the Sl world but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t know what I was expecting to view when I heard there was gonna be a live sex show. Hell, its rare in sl that you can view a live sex show performance. This event was advertised during events at the collarsseum club. I was excited to hear about it and that it was gonna take place at a club I enjoy.

The hype of it was awesome, lots of talks about it, so of course I made sure that I was there on time and close enough where I could hear and view the performance. Things started off a lil rocky due to technical issues but that was resolved and the show went on smoothly going forward. I had tons of laughs throughout the event, audience participation and being encouraged to suggest stuff was awesome. I got carried away in suggesting, some of the stuff I said even surprised me, being its a side of myself I never saw before. As for some of the dislikes, not all toys were used as advertised. Overall, great job. Hope to see another performance soon.



Last night we had live performers, a D/s couple, perform in the club live on voice in an interactive forum where we were able to suggest/tell them what to do. It’s the first time we’ve done that in this club, so we knew it was going to be something entirely new for us.

There was a rather long delay before it started, far over the 15 minute mark, it took them a little longer to set up than expected. RL happens. Once it got going, we were given photos of objects we could direct them to use, beyond that no rules were given to us. On reflection, we’ll require that rules and limits be stated at opening from now on so that requests are not denied and we’re all on the same page and it will have to be better organized. We only had one request denied though, so that’s not too bad overall.

The couple did follow directions, there was quite a bit of flogging, paddling and cropping and I have to admit that hearing it live as directed was certainly pleasurable. She was gagged a majority of the time, I fear that was my fault…upon request. laughs. I do love the muffled cries. There was ice play and we all had a great time. We quickly learned more about not only the participants but each other as requests or directions were given. It was quite interesting to see this other side of each other come out in full view and I felt that in a way, it brought everyone closer together to some extent. Overall, I have to say that it was a fun event, we had a lot of giggles, laughs and yes, moments of “mmmhmmm”.