Dancing at The Collarsseum Club, an article for dancers.

You may be looking for a set of rules, but there is only one: Be polite to everyone. Some of our regulars are sponsors. You never know who you are talking to.

Are we disorganized and lacking in rules? Not at all. However, we believe that digital or not, your body is your own and that means that we are guided by some very specific principles.

You are considered staff but you are considered freelance staff, which means you dance whenever and wherever you want to. You can dance at other clubs and dance here. (we suggest seeing if you can dance during our events listed on our website, google calendar, and event boards in world and announced in group but you can dance here at any time.).

Our tip jars pay a base rate of 3l every 30 minutes automatically so you get paid even if we are not here. You keep 100% of the tips for your hard work. If you choose to donate to the club, great! That is your choice.

You set your own amounts for stripping. It’s your body, your clothes, we leave that up to you. We do not believe that we have the right to tell you how much you and your hard work and effort are worth.

Want to dance here? Join our group, The Collarsseum Club secondlife:///app/group/ec4edbd9-6530-36a0-f7f7-081e150f5d71/about. Click a tip jar that is not being used and log in. It is that simple. Now, have fun! That’s the only other rule. 🙂