7 Seas prize list

Not all prizes are listed. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bondage%20Bay/230/180/32

Custom Prize Giver 1

This is 7Seas Custom Prize Giver Version 3.6. I’m currently operating in Rarity Mode (individual lists and chances for each rarity).
Dream’s Custom Prize Giver: Common Prizes: I have 49 prizes, at 30% chance to catch.
Dream’s Custom Prize Giver: Uncommon Prizes: I have 58 prizes, at 35% chance to catch.
Dream’s Custom Prize Giver: Rare Prizes: I have 38 prizes, at 40% chance to catch.
Dream’s Custom Prize Giver: UltraRare Prizes: I have 32 prizes, at 45% chance to catch.
Dream’s Custom Prize Giver: SuperUltraRare Prizes: I have 19 prizes, at 75% chance to catch.
Dream’s Custom Prize Giver: Omega Prizes: I have 25 prizes, at 75% chance to catch. (Only Hall of Famers can catch Omegas.)

including DancePit, Emelie Solid Dress Black, Emelie White, Erica Fishnet Dress Pink, Erica Fishnet Dress Purple, Freyja In Lace Black, Freyja In Lace Blue, Freyja In Lace Purple, Freyja In Lace Red, Freyja In Lace White, Global Prize List, Gorean Grill, Gorean Menu, Gorean Pot of Soup, Gorean Pot Of Stew, Gothic Gown Vintage, Harness Charm 1 Girl, Harness Charm 1 Girl Copper, Harness Charm 1 Girl Gold, Harness Charm 1 Leaf, Harness Charm 1 Leaf Copper, Harness Charm 1 Leaf Gold, Harness Charm 1 Rose, Harness Charm 1 Rose Copper, Harness Charm 1 Rose Gold, HITS Diamonds & Bows Thigh Bands Black

Custom Prize Giver 2

(CC) XL Non-Rod: ‘Lemon Merengue’ Throwing Pie
(CC) XL Non-Rod: ‘Cherry’ Throwing Pie
(CC) XL Non-Rod: ‘Key Lime’ Throwing Pie
(CC) XL Non-Rod: ‘Strawberry’ Throwing Pie
(CC) XL Non-Rod: ‘Blueberry’ Throwing Pie
(CC) XL FIB: Tidal Fancy Guppy (Fish in Bowl)
CC CMH Non-Rod: Borg Cube Cannon
(CC) V-Day Rez-Rod: Rainbow Lovie Dovie Pole
(CC) V-Day Rez-Rod: Lovie Dovie Pole
(CC) GFH Non-Rod: Red Random Grab Bag
(CC) Non-Rod: Flight Enabled Wheelchair
(CC) 2011 Rez-Rod: ‘NY Celebration’ Floral Bouquet
(CC) Flaming Angel Chew Toy
(CC) Red Snapper Chew Toy
(CC) Big Bone Chew Toy
(CC) Dead Duck Chew Toy
(CC) Yellow Perch Chew Toy
(CC) Dead Cat Chew Toy
(CC) Big Mouth Bass Chew Toy
(CC) Carrot Man Chew Toy
(CC) Big Mouth Squeeze Toy
(CC) Zebra Squeeze Toy
(CC) Mad Cat Squeeze Toy
(CC) Lobster Squeeze Toy
(CC) Pschitt Lemon Soda
(CC) Frog’s Piss Energy Drink
(CC) Piranha Energy Drink
(CC) 1st Place Brain Trophy
(CC) 2nd Place Brain Trophy
(CC) 3rd Place Brain Trophy

Custom Prize Giver 3

Food & Drink = 68 items

including Absinthe Cocktail, Absinthe Drink, Beer Mug, Egoisme Antonis, Egoisme Beer Mug, Egoisme Champagne, Egoisme Drinking Jug, Egoisme English Ale, Egoisme Golden Chalice, Egoisme Irish Beer, Egoisme Lily Goblet, Egoisme Old Whiskey Jug, Egoisme Old Wine, Egoisme Red Wine, Egoisme Silver Chalice, Egoisme Studded Tankard, Egoisme White Wine, Egoisme Wine Bottle, Egoisme Wine Chalice, Egoisme Wooden Tankard, Egoisme Yellow Wine, Glass of Absinthe, Glazed Donut- Cake Shamrocks, Glazed Donut- Cake Sprinkles, Glazed Donut- Confetti White Frosting, Glazed Donut- Maple Nuts, Glazed Donut-Chocolate, Glazed Donut-Pink Frosting, Glazed Donut-Pink Frosting 1, Glazed Donut-Shamrock, Glazed Donut-Sprinkles, HITS Carrot Pop, HITS Carrot Pop 1, HITS Carrot Pop Bloody, HITS Carrot Pop Bloody BlueBerry RARE, HITS Carrot Pop Bloody Gold, HITS Carrot Pop BlueBerry, HITS Carrot Pop Chocolate, HITS Horror Dick Pop Blueberry, HITS Horror Dick Pop Chocolate, HITS Horror Dick Pop Dark RARE

Custom Prize Giver 4

Clothing = 68 items

including Harness Corset Black, Harness Corset Blue, Harness Corset Blue 1, Harness Corset Green, Harness Corset Green 1, Harness Corset Hide, Harness Corset Hide 1, Harness Corset Purple, Harness Corset Purple 1, Harness Corset Red, Harness Corset Red 1, HITS Bewitched Black, HITS Bewitched Blue, HITS Bewitched DEMO, HITS Bewitched Gold, HITS Bewitched Lime, HITS Bewitched Orange, HITS Bewitched Pink, HITS Bewitched Purple, HITS Bewitched Teal, HITS Bondage Bay Iron Butterfly Mini Skirt, HITS Bone Hat Blue, HITS Bone Hat Gold, HITS Bone Hat Gray, HITS Bone Hat Lime, HITS Bone Hat Orange, HITS Bone Hat Pink, HITS Bone Hat Purple, HITS Bone Hat White, HITS Mini Skirt Black Web, HITS Mini Skirt Blue Punkin, HITS Mini Skirt Blue Web, HITS Mini Skirt Forest Web, HITS Mini Skirt Green Punkin, HITS Mini Skirt Green Web, HITS Mini Skirt Hide Punkin, HITS Mini Skirt Orange Punkin, HITS Mini Skirt Orange Web, HITS Mini Skirt Peach Punkin, HITS Mini Skirt Purple Punkin