Surfing at furever Beach

One of two surfing spots at the Furever Beach SIM

Summer is almost over in real life but at Furever Beach, it never ends. You can grab a surf board year round and jump in to ride those sweet waves. We have two areas for surfing, one of which is pictured above.

Our beaches are Mature but nudity is permitted so long as it is respectful in accordance with Linden Labs rules for Moderate SIMS. We have loungers to relax in when you tire of surfing and need a break. One of our main stages is right near by where we feature DJs for your entertainment on weekends.

Main stage on the Beach at Seaside

Wednesday –

Camelot Kitty Auction – 5am slt

Tiki Kitty Auction – 1:30pm slt

Thursday Dj Schedule

DJ Cherry 2-4 — Host Ms Cat

DJ Becky 4-6 — Host Ms Cat

Friday DJ Schedule

DJ Arithon 12-2 — Host Flame

DJ Masters 2-4 – Host Doc

The Music Maestro Madness Show

Saturday DJ Schedule

DJ Dr Donut (Doc) 12-2 — Host Sky
Donuts on the Beach

DJ Arithon 2-4 — Host Flame

The Music Maestro’s MadNess Show

DJ Masters 4-6 —

Sunday Dj Schedule

DJ Dr Donut (Doc) 12-2 — Host Sky

The Music Maestro’s MadNess Show
DJ Masters 2-4

Our Secondary Surfing Site

Our secondary surfing site is right beside the beach carnival which features games, prizes, and rides for your leisure. A perfect way to start or end your evening with that special someone after surfing all day. Ride the Ferris Wheel or get your thrills on our roller coaster with a surprise twist. Watch the lights as darkness falls over the white sands.

We can’t wait to meet you so what are you waiting for? See you soon!