Don’t be afraid of change. The only thing that remains the same in life is that everything changes.

Some of you came to the sim because it was adult, bdsm but many would not because of the same reason. For that reason we changed the sim name and rating to hopefully attract those that shied away from this and we have transformed the ground level areas to fit the theme and rating of the sim.
We want every one to come and feel welcomed.

Our goals and policies have not changed. We want to be the place in sl to be, the Best place. No Drama, No Judgment, just FUN. We have lots of ways for every one to have fun and enjoy their visits to Furever Beach.

Keep Reading Below About The Exciting Changes!!!

The Changes

Bondage Bay is now FUREVER BEACH.
Furever Beach is now a Moderate rated sim.

The name change reflects the kittycats market and kittycats beach theme of the SIM, everyone is welcome.

Nudity is allowed on the sim. NO sex is allowed
The Collarsseum Club and Kapakai Beach are clothing optional areas.
The shops have been transformed to tiki huts to fit the sim theme.
The Bondage Bay kitty auction is now the Tiki Kittycats Auction.

Keep Reading Below About The Exciting Changes!!!

Kapakai Beach & Club

The Collarsseum Club our main venue where you can enjoy and dance to music from our live djs. performers or Collarsseum Radio. On the deck aside the club are table games (greedy, CoH, Blitz and others).

Kapakai Beach: Where you can dance to music of live djs and performers. Chill on the beach with friends, go surfing, singles and couples sailing, row boating, carnival games and rides.

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