There is a new kittycat auction on the grid.
The FLYING DUTCHMAN Kitty Auction, on Furever Beach begins
Thursday, November 5th, 9am slt.
Your Auctioneer is John0than Masters

The panel board is active and only 25L for a panel.
Please have your kitty set up by Wednesday 9am slt.

The raffle kitty is set and the raffle is active.
75L per ticket for all kitties on raffle except collection/costume kitties.
100L per ticket for all collection/costume kitties.

This weeks raffle is 75L per ticket for your chance to win:
Fur: Australian Mist – Ginger
Eyes: Dreamy Oasis (MS)
Shade: Porcelain
Tail: Sashay
Ears: Dreamy Fold
Whiskers: Butterscotch Tipped Black (Shape: Swanky Lite)

Join us for the fun, find your new kitty or sell yours to a new lovin home. Every Thursday 9am slt.

The Flying Dutchman Kitty Auction is the newest auction to be added to Furever Beach auction line up.
We also host the Camelot Kitty Auction on Wednesdays 5am slt and the Tiki Kitty Auction Thursdays 1:30pm slt.