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Beyond Lady Pandora – Episode12a – The Men In My Life Beyond Lady Pandora

It really f*cking amazes me that a man can honestly convince himself that he is just so amazing that he can hurt you, become a threat to your children, generally be a complete a**hole and somehow you will magically just want him. This is the case with pretty much every man I've ever been with. The whole lot of them, if you strung their brains all together, I'd still be smarter than them without even bloody trying. It's sad, it really is, because the truth is that a woman like me wants a strong man, yes.. but you have to have a good brain, a good head on your shoulders. You can be a tiger in bed but you better be able to hold a conversation and be willing to learn. I want depth, complexity, intelligence, wisdom.. I want it all and I will not accept less than I deserve for very long. The truth is, if you ain't got it all and I was single, you were a f*cking toy, temporary, plastic. Don't be surprised now, men have done it for generations. Being born with t*ts really changes sh*t in the overview of human complexity, who you are, or what you need. If I have tossed you to the side, stay there because trust me, I'll hurt your feelings if you come back. I'm not a princess, I'm not a crying maiden waiting to be saved. I'm a warrior, I've found someone who can actually stand beside me and take my back. That is so bloody rare in this world. It took over 40 years to find him and trust me when I say, I have his back 100%. Loyalty is everything and the fact is, I give that right up until you yourself show me that you are undeserving of my loyalty. I absolutely believe that he is the one, that rare gem, that will never become undeserving of my loyalty and love. You'll hear all about him later. This episode is also available as a blog post: — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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Welcome to my little pod cast, Beyond Lady Pandora. Come on in and step into my parlor, take a chair and relax. You’ve made it just in time for our story today. Take a deep breath now, just relax. You’ll find tea and coffee on the table along with a selection of sugary sweets. Close your eyes and let yourself be swept away. Let yourself be taken into my world. A word of caution, the walls have eyes. I’m told that voices can be heard when they shouldn’t and that not all of the memories that come alive within these walls are pleasant.

This podcast discusses mature subject matter it’s not intended for those under legal adult age and carries a trigger warning in general. If you can be triggered easily, you probably don’t want to be listening to this podcast. Now, relax let go. They say that when you hear a story or read a story you get to step into someone else’s life. They say this allows you to live a thousand lives. Welcome to mine.

Hello and welcome to my podcast. I am the Lady Pandora from Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada. I was on Kink, Season four, which aired on Showcase. You might be familiar with that. Now, when the show aired, I vanished. Of course, I wasn’t always Lady Pandora. Documentaries and the sort tend to show only a slice of who we are as people.

So how did I become the Lady Pandora and how did I end up on a documentary that aired on a television show? To understand that you’d have to understand who I am. To understand why I vanished, you’d have to start back at the very beginning, and that is exactly what we are going to do in this podcast. I’m going to give you a very personal and honest view into my life and my world, into what led up to that documentary or at least my part in it, and what has happened since.

I do warn you though we will be discussing mature subject matter and this podcast may trigger you. My life has not been normal by any means. Nothing has happened how it should have and it’s never been easy. This is not a pod cast you should listen to at work or around children. This is my story my life and I welcome you into it. It is a journey through poverty, trauma, abuse, and neglect the likes of which is often only found in the history of some of the world’s most famous serial killers. In fact, that’s exactly how I feared that I would end up. Of course, I did not, but that was really just through force of sheer will and luck. My life has led me into the hands of criminals and murderers, the child sex trade, multiple abusive partners in marriages, and much more but it’s also lead to learning and to children of my own. You can’t appreciate the light without first experiencing the dark. I mean, how would you know what made it so pleasant to begin with?

Listen to the podcast for the story.