Furever Beach Podcast – Episode 0 – Introduction & Basics

Cracking voice & inability to speak correctly brought to you by Dream who woke with a sore throat. Background clicking and sighing brought to you by John0than, who enjoys clicking and sighing. lol

Hello & welcome to Furever Beach, the podcast that is all about the Furever Beach sim in Second Life, the kittycat breedable auctions, and all of that fun sort of stuff. If you are into breedables and Second Life, you might like this podcast. I don’t know for sure, I’m not you nor am I in your brain, if I was it would be very strange. Wouldn’t it?

As this is the introductory episode, we’re going to have to start off by explaining a few things. Second Life is an online social platform of sorts, you can check it out at secondlife.com. We’re not associated with them or their creators or staff, we just happen to like and use the platform. We’ll be talking a lot about kittycats, which is a breedable kittycat, a digital sort, within this platform. We did not create them, we just breed them and sell them and buy them. We also stare at them and play with them. You can find their official website at kittycats.ws/blog.

Furever Beach is a pretty laid back place and our main parcel is Furever Beach Kittycat Auctions, Market & Zoo. Our landing point has clickable signs offering links to the auction information for each auction and our rules, which are common sense and straightforward. Each auction has its own rules for which cats can be sold, they are pretty standard rules for kittycat auctions. We have a Facebook page, yes we do, we face the book. We are not hard to find at all. Our blog is also very straightforward, if you found this podcast, you should have found it there at FureverBeach.com.

We’re very straight forward and we like things kept happy and polite. If things become impolite, it’s dealt with quickly and efficiently because it disturbs our flow, man. So, let’s start out by introducing you to our little auctions here because we have a lot of fun at them and we would of course love to have you there. The auctions here are all run by myself or John0than. We’ll just call him John, it’s easier. John is my real life fiance, we live together and we cat together. I love him to pieces.

I run the Calypso Bay auction every week on Tuesday at 8:00 am SLT. SLT is PDT. That’s really about 11:00 am here where I am. The name of course came from the Calypso of legend and myth. The theme is very piratey, it’s set up with pirate stuff and a witch with a cat. I know it does not seem matchey but a pirate can be a witch, I suppose and she has the cutest kitty with her that has a backpack. I just could not resist. The big rule there that is different from the other auction I run is that you must own the parents of the cat you auction off there. You do not have to own the grandparents, so it really gives those newer breeders a chance. You might wonder why most auctions require you own the grandparents and I’m happy to explain. Anyone can just buy a cat, can’t they? I mean, it takes no skill at all or even luck to buy two cats and breed them. So, owning the parents really doesn’t mean much to a breeder and that is why we all prefer to spend the money on cats that someone has put at least a little effort into breeding. Owning at the very least the grandparents tells us you’ve at least put some time into it since you have to feed the cats, keep them happy, and wait a week for a kitten (or about that). Anyways, back to the auction. The minimum bid allowed is 300L because anything less is just in the realm of ridiculous. Depending on the traits the cat has, it really should be more however, as long as it is over 300l, we are not going to worry about it because it is your cat and you’ll sell it how you want.

I use panel boards at my auction, the panels are free. You just click the number of the panel you want. One it turns from green to blue, you’ve reserved it. Then you right click it to buy and pay 1 linden and it’ll give you back your 1 linden and turn yellow. That means it is your panel for the week coming up. All panels have to be set up 24 hours in advance so I have a chance to the hiders, we’ll discuss what that is later. Just know, it takes a little time to do. We allow one cat per panel unless it is a boy and girl that are siblings. We allow one cat of each fur per gender through the whole auction so if there is say a male cat that is russian black already set out, you cannot put out a male with that fur, it is what we call duplicating panels. This allows us to present a variety every week. You have to tip your auctioneer 10% of what your cat sells for because we do the hiders for you, advertise the auction, and auction your kitty as well as providing the place to do it. It’s reasonable, I think.

There is an open style library right next to this auction. Click any book, they are all titled, and you are taken to the page on that title on the kittycats blog with all the information you might need. There is a little sitting area with PG sits. You’ve got a lovely background with tropical waterfalls to chill in. Also near the auction, to the back, is a live cat area where you can sell your live cats. We ask you put them in 2d image mode with movement off and set them for sale. You choose your price. The pillows for this are 10l per week. It’s not much at all. Also nearby is the Camelot Shoppe which is John’s kittycat store so give it a browse. Past that, the zoo holds collector kitties, old and new. Many of them are Megas or sized in general. Megas are big rideable kittycats. You have to see this zoo to believe it because John is hilarious and it’s his little project. They have their own little UN in there, it’s a lot of fun.

The tiki kittycat auction is every Thursday at 1:30 PM SLT, PDT time. It’s a blast and has a tiki theme. It requires you own the grandparents but the rest of the rules are the same as over at Calypso Bay. Each of these auctions features a raffle for a kittycat, we draw weekly to decide who brings that kitty for the next week. It’s always cheap to buy a ticket and it’s fun to win. We also give away 3 prizes at the end of these auctions and we always have a special prize for if we sell all the kitties that one person can win. Both auctions have shops selling kitties around them that you can rent or browse. You’ll find a lot of great kitties there. Near this auction is our fishing area and we have 7 seas fishing there so that people can win prizes by fishing. My own store is right across from that. That tells you about my auctions but let’s move on to John’s.

So, John runs Patrons auctions on the 1st Thursday in the Month at 9:00am SLT and on the 3rd Friday of every month at 2:00 PM SLT. Patron auctions are devoted to one specific breeder, the entire auction is only their cats. We have an auction house I call the Kracken specifically for these auctions. It’s located upstairs in a pirate market full of shops. We use a waiting list you can find on the wall inside this auction house to decide who will be next. Our rental office is up in the market by the multicolored fountain, it shows you all available rentals.

The usual Thursday auction at 9:00am SLT is The Flying Dutchman which takes place on a pirate ship. hehe. It’s a fun setup. This auction only requires that you own the parents. Watch out, he threatens to keel haul anyone not bidding. John likes to do the prizes here mid auction and he is very generous. The Pirates Cove is on Fridays at 2:00 PM SLT. It is set up just like it sounds, a little cove of pirates. John often dresses up for these auctions. I should mention that all our auctions require the cats to be 7 traits or higher unless they carry a brand new trait. I promise I’ll explain all of these things in time if you are not familiar with these awsome breedables. It’s not complicated and it will make sense, if I explain it well. John is a lot of fun and a well liked auctioneer in the community. I’m not saying I’m boring or awful, in fact at a recent auction the breeders had me laughing so hard I could not breathe and John had to take over. John and I tend to step in for each other whenever needed, being a couple, it just makes sense. What I am saying is that John is funny and a pretty awesome guy.

Now, he does run one auction a week that does not take place here and that is the Wet Spot Kitty Auction every Monday at 7:00am SLT. It is of course held at The Wet Spot club. It is not our club or land, he just runs an auction over there for the club owner. They are both nice guys. John used to DJ there. So, let’s cover a few things quickly.

Prizes at these auctions are done with fishbowls. You click them and when it is time, we draw a name. Really easy, they look like fishbowls. When I say click, I mean left click on your mouse. You can find links on our blog to the auction scheduler as well as to the pages of each auction. The auction scheduler lists all the auctions for kittycats by day and time. No, that is not our website, it is run by the most awesome women. They are so super helpful. You will also find a link to the dominance charts. What is that? It lists all the traits that kittycats can have and it is updated pretty quickly and often. It lists them in order of dominance with the most dominant traits at the top and the most recessive traits at the bottom. So, let’s talk about traits.

In real life, Mendel discovered how genetic information was passed by or inherited by breeding pea plants and tracking which traits were shown and hidden by watching the variations of pea plant that the plants produced and tracking his results. For KittycatS, we can use a rather simple punnet square to understand the possibilities but there are a number of things that we must take into account in doing so. This article seeks to explain these things. You can see what a punnet square looks like if you search up this article: Understanding Mendelian inheritance as it applies to KittycatS on our website. If we want to know the chances of a fur passing and let’s say we have a Russian Black male mating with a Balinese Cream Lynx. We’ll say that Russian is X and Balinese is O. If we simply place x on the top and o on the side, we get XO, but we are forgetting a basic principle. Each cat has two traits, one dominant and one hidden.This punnet square accounts for both parents having two possible furs that can be passed, one being dominant (capitalized) and one being recessive or hidden (small letter). This square shows us that there is a 25% chance of both cats passing their recessive hidden fur. There is a 25% chance of both passing russian, a 25% of both passing balinese, and a 50% chance of one parent passing russian and the other passing balinese. Now, this assumes that both parents have both russian black and balinese cream lynx furs. But, what if they don’t? What then do those recessive small letters represent? Well, now we have to go to our pedigree which KittycatS graciously provides for us. If we click our cat, we can choose info which then will give us a pedigree link in local chat.

While we can see the parents shown or dominant traits in the local chat, what we cannot see is their hidden or recessive traits and we must remember an important principle. Each cat passes one trait for each trait slot (like fur) onto the kitten and each cat has two traits, one dominant and one recessive. When you click the pedigree link, you will hopefully see their parents as well.

Unfortunately, if you are just starting out, not all cats have long lines which can you see going way back and you will be forced to make an educated guess on what traits they have. The dominant traits are easy to see, but the recessive may not be what you think depending on the cats in the genetic line. Mom got two traits from her mom and dad, which both got two traits from their moms and dads and so forth.

In these cases, you must be like Mendel and through mating, try to bring out those recessive traits or you could put up a cat from that line at auction if it meets the requirements. We auctioneers have pads we use to see pretty far back in a pedigree. Ahhh…but now, there is something else to consider if you cannot do that. Some traits are also dominant and recessive to others. You can find a list of these traits by clicking your cat and choosing online help, which take you to their website, then choosing forums -> breeding -> forum based dominance charts. Thanks to other breeders who are kind and share their findings, there are charts and a plethora of posts and pedigrees showing and proving which traits are dominant or recessive. If a cat receives two traits for fur and one is dominant to other, you are most likely going to have that fur showing. I say most likely because I did not script these cats but you are safe to assume you will get that trait showing.

Now, this is a simplified explanation of genetics and inheritance that you can use to breed your cats and use to look at what possible traits a kitten might have. You can use a seperate box for each set of traits, as that is simplest. I hope this helps you! If you want a more detailed explanation to take this further, look up mendelian genetics or jump into the Kittycats Addicts group chat and ask them directly. Each cat has 9 total traits. For example, one of our kitties has:

Fur: Bengal – Copper
Eyes: Rock My World (Shape: Curious | Pupil: Big)
Shade: Natural
Tail: Genesis
Ears: Mysterious
Whiskers: Silver (Shape: Light Wave)

There is so much more to tell but I think that is a lot for one session so I’ll stop there and well talk more later but don’t be afraid to ask questions in their group or ours because it really is a friendly community and their staff is incredible, if you join the official group. 🙂 Big hugz from Dream!

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