Tiki Kittycats Auction

If you have never been to a kittycat auction, you might appreciate this video of our tiki kittycat auction today at 1:30 pm slt. I’ve attached it below. John stepped in and helped me as I was having technical issues. >> My entire computer crashed. However, working together we got through it even with other issues popping up. We still had a great time because we were with friends.

Tiki Kittycat Auction July 8 2021

That is what makes these auctions so much fun. Not only are we trading/buying/selling these awesome kitties that Callie of Kittycats made but we are doing so amongst a bunch of great people that are a lot of fun. So, if you love breedables and you love cats or you are just curious, stop by and join us for an auction or just look around. We’re always glad to see you at Furever Beach.