Furever Beach Podcast – Episode 2

The second episode from Furever Beach includes an interview with John0than Resident, half owner of Furever Beach.

So, Welcome back to the Furever Beach podcast. We redid our fishing area recently because I had built this really cool floating dock that matched our paths perfectly and I was all excited about it. Unfortunately, no one else was. They had this thing about falling off it constantly and they did not like drowning while trying to fish, it was a whole thing. It’s not like I’ve got frickin sharks in there or something but anyways… so, I was asking Holly about it and she said I should change it. Who is Holly? She is this amazing chick person who showed up and started fishing contests here on Monday out of the goodness of her heart and I’m embarassed to say I really do not know that much about her because I’m anti-social in general and I do not really like being around people so much. Don’t act shocked. I like hiding. I see it as… not so much hiding as just being alone away from people.

So, anyways, I did it, I changed it. Actually, I got John to change it because I want to get all fancy and artsy and unique whereas John goes functional, so I let him do it. He won’t drown people.

Talking about John, he put up these new little plaques you can click for information by each cat at the zoo. I like them because they do not block the view, smart smartypants guy. All you do is click and it tells you all about that cat in local chat. Super cool. He has also put out 2 raffles outside of his store over by the Calypso Bay auction area. He has not started them up yet though. I’ve also noticed he has put some clothing in that store, so you might want to check it out.

Nellie has a mega gold tiger sitting out by the auction near her shop. I don’t know if you’ve visited the area by the zoo where the kitty cat track is for running megas but there is a little dance tent over there too that John put up. Nice for a romantic little dance. We’ve got a greedy greedy table over by the kittylips shop on the beach there where you’ll also find surfing. Anyone is welcome to use any of this.

We used to have coins out and fishing for money but honestly, it occurred to me that we really do not want people coming here just for money and that is exactly what was happening. They were just collecting money and leaving, which is not at all productive for shopping, auctions, or community. You can however rez a board or a boat and head out on the water and chill out and there are tons of sitting areas. There is a freebie area near landing in a cart with lots of free items. Some are full perm, full perm for you to use… not full perm for you to share or sell. Let people come get it from the person who took the time to create it. It really is only right.

So today, I am going to interview John because I mean why not start with him, right? He is literally right here, talk about convenience.

Hello there my love. Welcome to the Podcast. So, I’m going to ask you a few questions and get your answers. Ok?

Listen to the podcast for the interview.

John0than Resident, A photo from his DJ days in Second Life.