The Auction Scene – Why you should be doing auctions

If you breed kittycats, which most people do, you really should be taking part in the auctions that go on weekly. There are tons of auctions every day and in every time slot, so there is really no reason that you cannot fit one of them into your schedule. But, why should you take the time out of your schedule to attend these auctions? I’m going to list some of the reasons below.

Auctioneers are always willing to help and the fact is, most breeders are more than willing to share information and help new breeders freely. There is a whole community just waiting to meet you and you’ll discover that it is a friendly group of people that just want to have fun and learn together.

Auctioneers from different locations often talk, attend each others auctions when possible, and are very friendly with each other. It’s not about competition, it’s about kittycats! We’re all just people.

If you would like to view a list of auctions in second life, you can go here. It’s an auction scheduler that lists all of the auctions by day and time for convenience.

If you would like to view all of the traits, you can go here. You’ll not only find the traits but also, find them listed in order of dominance to help you breed the traits you want.

If you like forums, why not visit the official kittycats forum at the creator’s official website. Kittycats You can ask questions and chat with all of the breeders and support staff. Remember, we are just like you. We did not create these cats, we just love them!

Auctions are our way of getting together and sharing what we love. We really hope you’ll join us at one when you can. Until then, keep enjoying those pretty kitties. We’ll be waiting for you. 🙂