Take a fun little walk With me

I was avoiding actual work and effort yesterday while John was hard at work with the upcoming move of his auctions. So, I made a little video. Come on a walk with me to see what is going on and listen to my bad jokes.

A note to those with shops by The Flying Dutchman auction. You should have recieved a note card this morning that should read :

If you are receiving this note card then you have a shop by the flying dutchman kitty auction. This auction is moving and we already have shops set up by the where the auction is moving to. I’d like to get you moved in right away, as soon as is reasonable for you, so that your shop remains yours. You can leave the shop upstairs until that auction moves officially, but I’ll move your box for you.

Your new shops are at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Furever%20Beach/198/129/31

Please pick one and mark it. Let me know and I will get your box down there.

Thank you 🙂

Lady Stromfield.

Any questions regarding this move should be directed to the auction owner: John0than Resident.