Beyond Lady Pandora

This podcast began as the silhouette in the fog blog

You’ve found my secret door. -smiles- Step into my parlor. Take a chair & relax. You’ve made it just in time for the story today. Take a deep breath, you’ll find coffee and tea on the table along with a selection of sugary sweets. Close your eyes and let yourself be swept away into my world for a moment but do take care. The walls have eyes. I’m told that voices can be heard if you listen carefully and not all of the memories that live within these walls are pleasant.

New episodes are released on Fridays, sometimes on Thursday nights. Bonus episodes are usually released after primary episodes. I like anchor because you can leave me voice messages there. You can Support us at the link provided. Find us on Instagram.

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Beyond Lady Pandora is the autobiographical podcast of the Lady Pandora of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada from Kink Season 4 on Showcase. When the show aired, I vanished. Why? Who am I? To understand that, you’d have to start at the beginning. This podcast discusses mature subject matter and carries a trigger warning.

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Beyond Lady Pandora – Episode 9 – The Lies I Knew Beyond Lady Pandora

This episode is also available as a blog post: This episode covers more of my first marriage, my first adult female love and the ending of my first marriage. All episodes carry a general trigger warning. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
  1. Beyond Lady Pandora – Episode 9 – The Lies I Knew
  2. Beyond Lady Pandora – Episode 8 – Ending The Cycle Of Abuse
  3. Beyond Lady Pandora – Bonus – Episode 7A – Finding A Way Forward
  4. Beyond Lady Pandora – Episode 7 – Tainted Love
  5. Beyond Lady Pandora – Episode 6 – Locked Away
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