Furever Beach Kittycat Auctions, Market & Zoo

We are a secondary market in Second Life dedicated to selling, buying, and auctioning a breed of digital cats called Kittycats.

Calypso Bay Kitty Auction

Auctioneer: Luana Masters
Auction Time: Tuesday 8:00am SLT
Setup End: Monday 8:00am SLT

The Flying Dutchman

Auctioneer: John0than Masters
Auction Time: Every Thursday 9:00am SLT

(except 1st THU in Month)
Setup End: Wednesday 9:00am SLT

Tiki KittyCatS Auction

Auctioneer: John0than Masters & Luana Masters
Auction Time: Thursday 1:30pm SLT
Setup End: Wednesday 1:30pm SLT

Videos from our SIM