Furever Beach News! Yar!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It’s so easy to attend our auctions, you can do it before you’ve had your morning coffee!

Just choose an auction time that fits your schedule from those listed below and show up! :

(Nothing required but clothes!)

Calypso Bay Kitty Auction: Tuesday 8:00am SLT

The Flying Dutchman: Every Thursday 9:00am SLT (except 1st THU in Month)

Familiar Fix Kittycat Auction: Thursday 1:30pm SLT

The Pirates Cove Kitty Auction: Every Friday 2:00pm SLT (except 3rd FRI in Month)

We are not affiliated with Second Life or Kittycats in any way. We just love them, buy them, breed them, and sell them. We are a secondary market.

Calypso Bay Kitty Auction

Auctioneer: Luana MastersAuction Time: Tuesday 8:00am SLTSetup End: Monday 8:00am SLT Stage-Listing – Somewhere…. – Area 05 (kittycats.de) Raffle Kitty: Fur:Burmilla – Lilac ShadedEyes:Odyssey Bellini (Mysterious|Small)Shade:NaturalTail:WildEars:Soft CurlWhiskers:2 Tone Black & White (Snappy Lite)Size:Bigger de BigOwner:Colleen McConaught 50L Panel 1 Box 0TRainDearS! 2 – “The Daughter”Fur:Genesis – Patch IIEyes:Genesis Odyssey 2 (Curious|Big)Shade:NaturalTail:GenesisEars:GenesisWhiskers:Silver (Guitar)Size:ToyOwner:AnastasyjaLorna Opening Bid: 500L […]

Xmas Decorating Contest

Furever Bay will be holding a decorating contest for shops at Furever Beach. You must be a renter to take part. How to take part: Decorate your shops! Send a note card to Dream (Lady Stromfield) with your name & your shop slurl. Entries accepted from November 25th to Dec. 9 / 2021 Judges will […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

We’re enjoying thanksgiving and we are grateful for you! Yes, you! We hope you are having a wonderful day! We will hold NO auctions today but we are happy to say hello. HUGE Collection Kitty Sale Aloha kitty friends Dream and I are selling off a huge number of our collection cats.Both stores have numerous […]


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